Racing Fever: Moto

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Drive loads of different motorcycles


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Racing Fever: Moto is a motorcycle simulator where you can enjoy the thrill of riding one of these large cylinder vehicles. With these various game modes you'll find fun every time you start a game.

One the most attention-grabbing things in Racing Fever: Moto is the spot-on graphics. With the 3D levels you immerse yourself almost unawares in the action in every race. Plus the huge variety of available motorcycles means you can experience different sensations while you steer each vehicle.

Racing Fever: Moto has four different driving modes to adapt how you handle your motorcycle to the skill and comfort of the user. Thanks to that you can use the accelerometer on your smartphone to move your bike by leaning the device or changing the speed and direction while tapping the different buttons appear onscreen.

With Racing Fever: Moto you'll have a great time trying to make it to the end of every track on each bike as fast as possible. Plus you can pick from various competition modes or opt to feel the thrill of escaping the cops.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.